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1970 Pontiac GTO Coupe

Cena: 1 460 250 Kč
Status: Prodáno
Model: GTO
Stav: běžné opotřebení
Rezervační platba: 35 000 Kč
Celková cena: 1 460 250 Kč
Co je zahrnuto v ceně?
Cena 1 460 250 Kč
DPH (plátce DPH neplatí) 306 653 Kč
Celková cena s DPH 1 766 903 Kč
Status Prodáno
Rok výroby 1970
Značka Pontiac
Model GTO
Tachometr 83719mil / 134788km - nezdokumentované
Stav běžné opotřebení
Motor 400 CID V8
Počet válců 8 válec
Náhon Neuvedeno
Převodovka Automatická
Barva exteriér červená
Řízení levé (volant vlevo)
Palivo Benzín
Cena nového vozu v USA (bez DPH) neuvedeno
Číslo nabídky 513-ATL

Každé vozidlo je profesionálně opraveno firmou, zabývající se renovací veteránů v USA, před prodejem vyzkoušeno, každý vůz je pojízdní připravený k jízdě. V případě dalších dotazů pište, volejte: +420 732383971, p. Zvolánek.

1970 Pontiac GTO Coupe

Org. popis vozidla:

I am sure you have a friend who is particular in everything they do. Well this is a car is been loved in that particular way. It is hard to find anything which has not been extremely well taken care or meticulously maintained. The current 13 year owner has made this car his passion and has many photos taken with Chip Foose with the car. The GTO sports all GM sheetmetal and the quarters have been replaced with vintage 70 GM metal by GraveRobbers. All body and paint has been completed Scott Blalock at Blalock Customs in Marietta Georgia. There are plenty of photos of the restoration and build. There is a PHS on this car ready for you to view. This rebuilt 400 with RAM Air III has the original rebuilt TH400 transmission with shift kit. There is no bones about it, this car hauls the mail. The $8,000 single stage plus clear coat cardinal red exterior and medium saddle interior makes this car a show stopper. If you are looking for a car that is top show ready, a bruiser on the street, and has a document build history this is the one you are looking for to put in your garage. How fast do you want to go is equivalent to how much money you have to spend. The GTO blends a little bit of both performance and comfort for the $$. Ask an automotive historian about the pinnacle year for muscle car performance, and 1970 is usually the answer. When GM lifted its cubic-inch limit for midsizes and compacts, Chevrolet, Buick, and Oldsmobile rushed out of the gates with a 454 and 455s that made the Class of 1970 the fastest ever.

Pontiac, though, is the exception. While a 455 was introduced for the GTO, it wasn´t the fastest Goat. The 455 GTO was rated at 360 hp, competitive with similar engines in the industry, but Pontiac didn´t put much effort into making it the barnstormers that the LS6, Stage 1, and W-30 were. Two 400"the Ram Air III and IV"made more horsepower. The 455 didn´t even receive the RA III´s long-branch manifolds. This is an automotive Icon, own one today.

Options include: AC, Performance tires, power steering, power brakes, rally wheels, radial tires, vinyl interior, tilt wheel, seat belts.